Networking Conference - Downtown Columbus, OH


JANUARY 23 - 27, 2022


It’s time for HER Getaway!! 🎉


The first Empowered Planners Suite Retreat in Jamaica was not only a complete success, but a valuable opportunity for a much-needed soulful healing experience that was signed, sealed, and delivered by HER. "HER" represents Healing, Enrichment, and Restoration. This is the first-ever experiential getaway designed exclusively for and by entrepreneurial women who share similar career goals and aspirations from various different industries. 

We received so much positive feedback and witnessed lives being uplifted, connections being created, and new opportunities taking root by this first experience. Lucretia and I knew immediately that this was only the beginning of our vision, and what we hope to plan and provide in the near future.

Eleanor Roosevelt once said, " People grow through experience if they meet life honestly and courageously." We aim to build upon that notion as we work to acknowledge that this retreat was "honestly" needed by all those who participated and the results have proven we can only take this need to "courageous" new heights. As we work towards continuing to create such experiences, our commitment to creating a space for women entrepreneurs where they can heal, be enriched, and be restored, has only just begun.

The next time you pack your bags, we want you to say to yourself, "It’s time for HER Getaway!" Click here and join us!