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Calling all women business owners who are led by Christ Jesus.

It's time to do business God's way! 

A woman who can lead with her faith, is a woman who is an author of change, a voice seeking to make a difference, and a motivator for grabbing hold of opportunities, all while surveying the competition and allocating the capital and resources to run a successful business. She can shout praise and run her business in harmony with “God” and maintain an ethical footing as she works to become a mogul in the making. This is what we call mixing “Faith and Business,“ and we aim to encourage, support, and develop good business practices while serving the “Lord” who is always on the schedule.

The Kingdom Edge is a scripture-based method of business building and scaling. Using the wisdom of Matthew 7:24-27, Kingdom Entrepreneurs can build businesses that are securely founded upon "the rock."

This workshop is for the woman who is running a business while merging her faith into her standard operating procedures to help her business withstand any storm, including economic disruptions, global pandemics, and market downturns.


Our educator, Otescia Johnson will teach us how to merge God's plan with our business plan. During her session we'll discuss :

* Cultivating the Christian Business Mindset

* Understanding How to Make God Your CEO

* Learning How to Develop a Time and Revenue Rich Business

* Building a Recession-Proof Business Model

* Ensuring Your Business is Ready to Scale


Registration includes continental breakfast + lunch


Meet Our Educator!

Otescia R. Johnson is a bestselling author, screenwriter, success coach, publisher, and international keynote speaker. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and uses her education and background in the business world to manage her companies; B.O.Y. Publications, B.O.Y. Enterprises Inc, and O. Johnson Ministries.

Otescia is the author of 13 published books and several screenplays. In addition to publishing her own books, Otescia has assisted over 60 authors in bringing their books to the market. She is also the creator of the Magnetize Your Life system, God’s Scribe Mastermind, and the Broke to Profitable Group Coaching program.


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