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Let's stop the “no days off” mentality and create healthy futures for your mind, body, and soul. Take off the Superwoman cape and join us!
Ladies, we often downplay our self-care needs to handle the weight of the world. It's time to tip the scale back in your favor! Let's stop the “no days off” mentality and create healthy futures for your mind, body, and soul.
This symposium will feature three speakers who once subscribed to the “sleep when you’re dead” concept until they were challenged to question it. These powerhouse women will share their struggles and triumphs with health while working towards their passion and how their faith inspired the changes needed for better work-life balance. The symposium will also feature health organizations and vendors to create better self-care habits. Attendees will leave with swag bags to help encourage a healthier lifestyle and a greater desire to prioritize their mental and physical wellness checks.
**Meet Our Speakers**
***Dr. Karen Townsend,  President of KTownsend Consulting***
While Dr. Townsend’s infectious smile and radiating warmth may be the first and last impression, her accomplishments are just as inspiring. This dynamic international speaker encourages women everywhere to be their best both professionally and personally.
- Dr.Townsend's firm has offered expertise in leadership development and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) for 22 years.
- She is the founder of About My Sisters, an organization focused on girl and women empowerment.
- Host of the nationally recognized Sister to Sister conference for 29 years, which is one of the longest-running women's events in the United States.
- Author of the best-selling book, It All Started When I Stopped Using Lotion: One Woman’s Journey from Chaos to Calm, she shares how a spa treatment changed her ball til you fall mentality to taking her “TiME”.
***Dr. Deepa Halaharvi, Breast Cancer Surgeon with Ohio Health***
As a child of an immigrant family, Dr. Halahavri was born into a hustle culture where mediocracy was not allowed in her home. Before Dr. Halahavri became a medical doctor, she was a licensed practical nurse and a physician assistant, working at night and going to school during the day to fulfill her dream of becoming a doctor. Her skillset was particularly handy in caring for her dad after he experienced a major health complication. His advice of being the best surgeon stuck with her, leading her to prayer on this topic shortly after he passed away. The answer she received on how to best serve her patients was shocking and life-changing.
Dr. Halaharvi co-hosts a monthly podcast The Breast Cancer Podcast which explores everything from empowering yourself with food to menopause and sex (and everything in between) about breast cancer patients and survivorship.
***Lucretia Williams, CEO of Distinct Event Planning and Founder of EmpoWEred Planners Society***
She is a natural visionary, founder, and President & CEO of Distinct Event Planning which has accumulated many accolades as an expert event planner. After 24 years of dominating the wedding planning industry, Lucretia received a vision to pivot her business to focus on planning corporate, nonprofit, and social events. She also sought to create a place for professional women to rejuvenate themselves through goal setting and personal development. During this transformation, a health scare redirected her from going hard in the paint to defining a more balanced and paced success track.
It's ok to take up calendar space just for you. Let the Hustle & Health Symposium be the start of a new you by registering today!
Light refreshments will be served.

Vendor Booths are available for women-owned businesses. Please email to inquire.